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The creator of the Absolute Fitness and SEAL Bootcamp training programs, Nathan Schrag has 15+ years experience as a full time Physical Training Instructor, Emergency Services Operational Safety Instructor and Fitness Professional, and has been designing cutting edge fitness training programs for the general public at SEAL Bootcamps for the past 8 years.


Nathans training and qualifications come from being part of a specialist unit within the Australian Defence Force.  Nathan joined the military in 1997 and was selected in 2001 to train as a Physical Training Instructor.  On completion of the 9 month course, Nathan became one of only 60 instructors in a service 13,000 strong.  Whilst working as a full time Australian Defence Force (ADF) Physical Training Instructor (PTI), Nathan trained hundreds of Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen.  During his time in the military he was tasked to give anywhere between 2 to 6 Physical Training sessions per day, under the microscope of the ADF’s highest training establishment.

Next Bootcamp begins....

Monday 31st MARCH.... 

* please note day changes under PROGRAM due to Easter

1 Class Only @ 545am

4 weeks/ 3 x per week